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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mascara Madness! A review of my drug store mascara stash

Ok, I admit it! I'm a total mascara hoarder! I feel like every time I go to the drugstore I end up buying a new mascara lol. I was cleaning out my collection a few weeks ago and found a ton of unopened tubes so I gave them to some of my girlfriends. I'm going to review a few of the ones I've used enough times to get a good idea of well they work or don't work.

Rimmel's Sexy Curve: This is a perfect example of a product whose name promises but the product disappoints. Lets start with what I don't like about it, first, it doesn't do ANYTHING for my lashes! Zero! Zip! NADA!  It doesn't ad a bit of volume or length or even hold curl for that matter. What I do like about this product is the brush! I'm not sure if the funny shaped wand has anything to do with it or if its all in the plastic bristles but, it really separates my lashes!  If the actual formula was maybe thicker and added either volume or length, it would be amazing! The formula is thin enough to layer and not clump. It's actually pretty long wearing and doesn't smoke or flake through out the day. I like to use it as my last layer of mascara to separate my lashes and finish off my look.

L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black: This one is probably my favorite out of the 5. With a cult following behind the L'Oreal Mascaras, its no surprise that this product is at the top of my list. It actually delivers the volume it promises in its name and can easily be layered to create an amazing dramatic look. It goes on smooth with little to no clumping, it last all day with no smudging and it doesn't leave my lashes "crunchy". When you first open a new tube, the formula is a little wet and doesn't give you the full effect that it gives you when the formula has had some time to dry out. I've heard of girls leaving the tube open over night so that they get the consistency to be thicker. Personally, Iv never tried it.Its a very pigmented formula so if you are not careful, it can be a little messy while its still wet on your lashes. Give it some time to dry before you move onto another step in your makeup routine. 

Revlon's Customeyes Mascara in Blackest Black: Let me just start off by saying..DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! You don't even have to wait your time reading the rest of its review. With a twisting cap allowing you to select between to lash looks, Length & drama and Length & definition, you would think you got the best of both worlds! When I first applied it I was so excited because it really does gibe you drama and length. Once it dries, its down hill from their. It not only leaves you lashes ultra crunchy, but it also flakes every time you touch your lashes. 

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
There are some mixed reviews on this mascara. You either love it or hate it.The brush is huge which some people find to be difficult to use but I like it, I feel like it gives me more volume. It glides on smooth and clumps very little.It does give you volume and length but it doesn't hold curl very well. I like to layer it to get a dramatic look. It does get flaky and crunchy mid day but, I have only tried the regular formula, not the waterproof.


Almay One Coat Dial Up
Another gimmiqy product! Seems like there are a million of them now a days.This isnt a bad product, it just doesnt deliver the 3 different levels of lash looks like it suggests. It didnt flake or smudge but it also didnt hold any curl. The brisstles on the brush are so thin, I feel like it doesnt even seperate my lashes or do anything for them. I dont hate this mascara but I wouldnt repurchase it.

L'Oreal Lash Serum
Ok, so this one isn't exactly a mascara but, I figured you would like a review anyways. Let me start off by saying my lashes aren't HUGE, but they aren't small either. I have pretty normal lashes. Not sparse, doesn't tend to point down like a lot of complaints I here. Just regular ol' lashes. So I didn't notice a huge difference when I used this. You are suppose to apply it a few times a day but, when you do, the serum runs out in a little over a month. I feel like it dried up in the tube. Whenever I did use it. I never applied mascara over top so I would have these little white flaky stringy things on my lashes which I really didn't like! You wanna hear a secret? I heard of girls using this on their scalp to get thicker hair so, I gave it a try. Now, L'Oreal doesn't recommend doing this so please don't try it based on what I'm saying, I'm not a professional! Try it at you own risk. It actually did work but with the consequence of a huge headache a few minutes after applying it. I tried it on a tiny spot need my hairline and although I didn't notice it right away, a few weeks later, I did see the results. The hair is thicker but also grown a little wavier then the rest of my hair. weird!

The Final Blurb
Rimmel's Sexy Curve
Price: about $7
Packaging: B
Lengthening: D-
Volumizing: F
Longevity: C+
Extra: Love the brush! Hate the formula! I only use it as my last layer of mascara to separate my lashes and get out any clumps.
L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

Price: about $8
Packaging: C
Lengthening: B-
Volumizing: A-
Longevity: B-
Extra: Great Volume! Not much clumping. Doest smudge easily when first applied, but once it dries it on there for good.
Revlon Custom eyes
Price: about $9
Packaging: C-
Lengthening: C
Volumizing: C
Longevity: D
Extra: Great whiles its still wet on your lashes but once it dries, you lashes are crispy and flakey
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
Price: about $5
Packaging: B-
Lengthening: B+
Volumizing: B+
Longevity: C-
Extra: Huge brush! Gets flakey by end of day
Almay One Coat Dial Up
Price: about $9
Packaging: B-
Lengthening: C-
Volumizing: D
Longevity: D-
Extra: Small bursh brisstles make it hard to seperate lashes. 3 dial system does not creat different looks
L'Oreal Lash Serum
Price: about $12
Packaging: C-
Lengthening: C
Volumizing: C
Longevity: N/A
Extra: Takes time but it does work

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Major Clearance on Makeup at Target!!

Drop everything and head over to Target! The beauty isles are covered in red clearance stickers! Check out all goodies!

Ok so, this ADORABLE Hello Kitty lunch box was not on sale but it was just so cute I couldnt help but include this picture! 
Enjoy girls! Shop till you drop!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

I was strolling through the beauty isles at Walmart the other day, trying to decide what new products I was going to take home with me. I shuffled around some items on the very top shelf and I came across some samples of the Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation! It was the first time I had ever seen makeup samples at Walmart! I had always been curious about this foundation but never really wanted to spend my money on it because it just seemed so "gimmicky" Natural, light weight makeup with good coverage? I had to see for myself. By the way, Cover Girl states on their website that if you are not completely satisfied with this product, they will refund your money. This line has 14 shades and sells for about $10 in most drugstores.

Affordable MAC dupes!

If you are even a little familiar with the YouTube beauty world, you already know the fabulous Emilynoel83! She is by far one of the best gurus on YouTube! She invests so much money, time and energy in makeup, reviewing tons of products ranging from high end to low end and everywhere in between. Because of her extensive hands on research, she has so much knowledge and gives, in my opinion, the best descriptions and reviews of every products she features on her channel. I'm not the only one who agrees! Because she is so awesome she is now Wet N Wilds Official Beauty Ambassador!

Check out her BOMB video on inexpensive dupes for MAC eye shadows! So happy for all her success! She deserves it!

Click HERE  to subscribe to her YouTube channel! You wont regret it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spray your way to health!!

Ok! Im completely intrigued! How cool is this product?! Say goodbye to your Flintstones vitamins and your One-A Day daily supplements, and hello to……a spray bottle? Yes! A spray bottle!! Getting your daily vitamins is now as easy as spraying on perfume! Well, not exactly perfume, more like mouth spray lol. No more forgetting to pop your daily healthy pills before you leave the house in the mornings. I ALWAYS forget to take mine =0/ so, if your anything like me, this is a very helpful clever product.

Too Faced The Bronzed and the Beautiful Bronzing Powders

Join the bronzing revolution and get your "glow" on with Too Faced's collection of best-selling bronzers! The Bronzed and The Beautiful is a couture mirrored case containing the best of the best bronzers, featuring Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny and Pink Leopard, as well as our famous Flatbuki Brush.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Crown Brushes ON SALE on Hautelook!!!

Click HERE to sign up for Hautelook if you aren't already a member. Its free!! 

Ok. I have to say...this is the most excited I've been about Hautelook in a very long time!! I was just doing my daily browsing through my favorite web sites and look what I came across!! This 12 piece professional Crown Brush set that usually retails for $75 is now only $25!!! Thats a 66% saving!!! I heard these brushes are freakin amazing and I cant wait till my order arrives! Click HERE to sign up for Hautelook if you aren't already a member. Its free!! 

If you dont know what Haurelook is, it is a premier members-only site that offers private, limited-time sale events on the world's best brands. Each day, members receive an email invitation to the newest, most exclusive sale events on the best merchandise for men, women, kids, home and beauty - at prices up to 75% off retail. HauteLook is free to join and everyone is welcome - there are no commitments or charges for membership. They sell anything from beauty products, men's and women's clothes, home decor, even vacation packages! 

Professional grade cosmetic brushes for flawless application of face powder, shadow, blush and more.

The set I ordered includes:
- Chisel powder brush
- Chisel blush brush
- Oval shadow brush
- Oval fluff brush
- Oval concealer brush

Click HERE to sign up for Hautelook if you aren't already a member. Its free!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Booze Scented Polish??

These Mattese Elite Nail Polishs from their Happy Hour Collection bring a whole new meaning to Happy Hour! These bright booze scented nail polishs come in 6 different colors/scents and start at $5.99 on their site www.matteseelite.com. I remember the glow in the dark and blueberry scented polishes I had when I was a kid, now there is a adult version! Cant wait to try them!

Tequila Sunrise: Bright Orange (shown above)
Shirley Temple: A bright pink
Apple Martini: Bright Green (shown above)
Cosmopolitan: Fuchsia  
Hypnotic: Bright Blue(shown above)
Purple Passion: Bright Purple (shown above)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kardashian Kolors!!

You can go ahead and add nail polish to the long list of products with the Kardashians name attached to it! The Kardashian Kolors collection  of 13 krazy gorgeous colors for Nicole by O.P.I is set to be launched later this year and like everything else they do, it's expected to be a huge hit! These polishes start at $7.99 and can be found anywhere O.P.I is sold. Not only re these shades beautiful but these names are too cute!  I cant wait! 

Kollection Kolors:
All Kendall-ed Up
Sealed with a Kris
Kim-pletely In Love
Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam
Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi
Rainbow in the S-kylie
Disco Dolls
Listen to Your Momager!
Wear Something Spar-kylie
It’s All About the Glam
Follow Me on Glitter
Kendall on the Katwalk
My Empire… My Rules

Also, see what your nail polish color says about you!

Birch Box: July

I know I’m a little late with this post but I had to share! My July Birch Box!! If you don't know what a Birch Box is, its a monthly subscription where they send you deluxe size samples of random high end beauty products for $10 a month. You never know what your going to receive until 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daily Addiction: Maybeline Color Sensational High Shine Lipcolor (review and swatches)

You know your addicted to makeup when your the first one at Target before the doors even open, just so you can get your hands on these gorgeous new lip sticks! Maybeline Color Sensational High Shine Lip colors are truly my new go to lipsticks! 

I'v always been a fan of Maybeline lipsticks but this new collection has such an amazing formula! They go on soooo smooth! Its almost like applying a lipgloss in a lipstick tube. The colors are bright yet wearable and last for most of the day. My favorite part is that they have a delicious fruity smell, it reminds me of Fruit Loops!  They come in beautiful metallic tubes in 10 new shiny shades. The store I went to only had 4 shades left so I had to get them all!

Swatches from left to right:
815 Glisten Up Pink
820 Mauvilous Shine (my favorite)
825 Fruit Punch
840 Coral Lustre

The Break Down
Pigmentation: It goes on a little like a lipgloss, with a pop of color but somewhat sheer.
Longevity: It wont last all day but it last for a few hours, it will transfer onto cups and utensils when eating.
Price: I got mine for about $5.30 at target so thats pretty good for such a great formula.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to my roots! Essie’s new 2011 Summer Collection: Color Me Braziliant!

Being from Brazil, I was super excited to see Essie’s new 2011 Summer Collection, Color Me Braziliant!

The collection includes 6 gorgeous colors perfect for the summer! These colors remind me of visiting my family there and all the beautiful beaches and scenery.  The new shades are called:
Braziliant– outrageous, blazing orange
Too Too Hot– fierce fire coral
Super Bossa nova– pulsating tourmaline pink
Meet Me at Sunset– intense flamingo citrine
Smooth Sailing– dreamiest blue topaz
Absolutely Shore– pale, seafoam green

Cant wait to get my hands on al 6!!

Amei! Lindaso!! (Portuguese for I love it! Super gorgeous!)

Daily Addiction: Lancôme Ô d'Azur Eau de Toilette

Ever been walking down the street and all of a sudden you catch the scent off someone's perfume and you literally stop dead in your tracks and just start sniffing the air trying to see who that captivating scent is coming from?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: WEN Healthy Hair Care System by Chaz Dean

Description: WEN is a cleansing conditioner with a 5-in-1 formula. It takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos—it is designed so it won't strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils.
I’v been hearing great things about this product and had been wanting to try it for a while but, with so many products out there promising the world and delivering nothing, I was a little hesitant. I was online ordering my usual skin care products and with the purchase I was making I was offered a 30 day introductory sample kit for only $9.95…you cant beet that! The 30 day kit came with the WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, the WEN Styling Crème, the WEN ReMoist Intensive Hair Treatment and 2 free gifts including the WEN Texture Balm and WEN Wide Tooth Shower Comb. That is an AMAZING deal for less then $10!

How to use: This kit came with very specific directions on how to apply the product. You have to divide your hair into 4 sections and apply 3-8 pumps per section and massage it in. I have very fine hair so I was able to get away with 3 pumps per section. If you have longer thicker hair you will need more. They say the Cleansing Conditioner is supposed to be the first thing you put on in the shower and the last thing you take off, basically the longer you leave it the better the results will be.

First Impression: The Cleansing Conditioner doesn’t lather like a regular shampoo but it still makes you hair feel clean. It smells amazing and the mint makes your scalp tingle and feel clean. When I washed the product out, my hair felt so soft!! I let it air dry and I straightened it the next morning with a flat iron and let me tell you…THIS STUFF WORKS!! You can really see a huge difference in your hair after just one use! My hair felt thicker, fuller and softer.
I used the WEN ReMoist Intensive Hair Treatment the next night after I showered and left in on my hair over night and the next morning when I washed it out and blow dried my hair I could literally see my hair had improved even more!!

The Verdict: This is a product I would ABSOLUTLY recommend. It is a little pricey but if you want hair that looks and feels healthy, its worth the price.

It works!
It’s a 5 in 1 product so it eliminates all the other products you would have to buy
Natural Ingredients

Since it doesn’t latter, you use a lot of product.
Expensive (but remember it’s a 5in1 product so you wont be buying shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. 

Update: After using this product for over a month some of my opinions have changed. I noticed that after a while, my hair felt weighed down. Yea, the Cleansing Conditioner was not stripping my hair of its moisture and natural oils, but it also was cleaning my hair! I have oily hair so by the end of the day I lloked as if I hadnt washed my hair in 3 days. So upset! I really thought I had found something I loved! Also, if you have a thick hair, your hair probably wont feel like its clean either. I have thin hair so at first it seemed to work. Its back to the search for the ultimate hair care product! 

Haul: Small NYX Haul Nude on Nude and Lip Gloss

I finally received my package from CherryCuture.com!! I must say tho, it took FOREVER!! I was able to take advantage of a 20% off promotion they were having, now that I think of it I should of gotten more stuff :0(
I ordered the NYX Nude on Nude ($25) which is a pretty good dupe for Urban Decays NAKED Pallet ($48) and a NYX Lipgloss and as always they send you a free bubble gum scented lip balm. This pallet includes 20 beautiful neutral shadows and 10 lip colors. I cant wait to play around with these shadows and create some gorgeous looks!! Swatches and review coming soon!!

Do you have a this pallet? Let me know what you think! Do you have a blog or youtube channel? Leave the link below, I would love to see it!! Check out this video for a better comparison of NYX Nude on Nude and Urban Decays NAKED pallet.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheap Thrills:My top 5 drugstore hair products under $10

Not all of us can afford department store cosmetics and to be honest, sometimes you really dont have to break the bank to get a great product! There are some great drugstore products out there that beat out its pricier competition. Here are a few of my favorites drugstore hair products all under $10.

L'oreal Everstrong Reconstruct Shampoo (about $6 at CVS)
I have very thin hair that falls out a lot so what drew me to this product was that it is sulfate free. It smells amazing and it left my hair feeling clean and not like it was stripped of all its healthy natural oils. They have different formulas for different hair types so its great for all hair types.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Moisture Treatment (about $4 at Walmart)This product has literally replaced my conditioner. You feel and see a difference in your hair the very first time you use this product! It is rich and creamy and really hydrates d
ry damaged hair. I love that the bottle dispenses from the bottom so you never have to struggle with getting the product out.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray (about $4 at Walmart)
I purchased this product last week and its already made it into my daily routine. It leaves me hair feeling soft and not "crunchy". The nozzle sprays a perfect mist so that your hair gets evenly coated. 
Garnier Fructis Bamboo Flexihold (about $4)I love the flexible hold it offers. It doesnt leave my hair feeling crunch and dry. It smells great and holds  up pretty well against humidity.

TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair (about $5)

Along with my skin, my hair can become very oily. I have straight/thin hair so I usually have to wash my hair every single day to not look like a hot mess. With this dry shampoo I can skip a day of shampooing. It has a great fresh sent that makes your hair feel clean, just spay on your scalp and massage it in and your good to go. 

Review: Broadway Nails Nail Dress

While strolling through the beauty isle at my local drugstore I came across the Nail Dress by Broadway Nails. It was half the price on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips so I decided to give them a go. At the store I went to they only had the polka dots and metallic finishes so I chose to go with the metallic. 


First Impression: The first thing I noticed is that unlike the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips which are exactly what they are called...real nail polish strips,  these were stickers. Each box contains 24 stickers in different sizes and a double sided nail file. One side is to smooth out the surface of your sticker once it has been applied to your nail and the other side is to file and shape your nail.

Application 1 (with a clear top coat):  The application process was pretty easy. there were plenty of sizes to choose from so it will fit most if not all nail bed shapes.  Just peel, apply to your nail, smooth out and file the ends to cut away the remaining sticker. I applied a clear top coat in hopes that my beautiful new metallic manicure would last longer but, as soon as the top coat started to dry, I noticed the sticker  was wrinkled as if it had shrunk. It looked horrible but at that point there was not much I could do. By the end of the next day the stickers were already lifting up off my nail. By the following day 1 or 2 of them were practically falling off my nail.
Application 2 (without top coat): Since I had so many stickers leftover I decided to try them again, this time without the topcoat. They looked great without the topcoat but by the end of the next day they looked just as bad as they did the first time. The metallic line details were rubbing off and they were peeling off my nail. They don't seem to be very water resistant, with our without the topcoat. 

Removal: Removing the stickers was super easy considering most of them were falling off already. There were a few that remained pretty well adhered to the nail and all I had to do was grab an end and peel it right off. Some of the stickers I peeled off left a film of glue on my nail but came right off with a little rubbing.

The Verdict: I will definitely NOT be repurchasing this product!!!