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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mascara Madness! A review of my drug store mascara stash

Ok, I admit it! I'm a total mascara hoarder! I feel like every time I go to the drugstore I end up buying a new mascara lol. I was cleaning out my collection a few weeks ago and found a ton of unopened tubes so I gave them to some of my girlfriends. I'm going to review a few of the ones I've used enough times to get a good idea of well they work or don't work.

Rimmel's Sexy Curve: This is a perfect example of a product whose name promises but the product disappoints. Lets start with what I don't like about it, first, it doesn't do ANYTHING for my lashes! Zero! Zip! NADA!  It doesn't ad a bit of volume or length or even hold curl for that matter. What I do like about this product is the brush! I'm not sure if the funny shaped wand has anything to do with it or if its all in the plastic bristles but, it really separates my lashes!  If the actual formula was maybe thicker and added either volume or length, it would be amazing! The formula is thin enough to layer and not clump. It's actually pretty long wearing and doesn't smoke or flake through out the day. I like to use it as my last layer of mascara to separate my lashes and finish off my look.

L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black: This one is probably my favorite out of the 5. With a cult following behind the L'Oreal Mascaras, its no surprise that this product is at the top of my list. It actually delivers the volume it promises in its name and can easily be layered to create an amazing dramatic look. It goes on smooth with little to no clumping, it last all day with no smudging and it doesn't leave my lashes "crunchy". When you first open a new tube, the formula is a little wet and doesn't give you the full effect that it gives you when the formula has had some time to dry out. I've heard of girls leaving the tube open over night so that they get the consistency to be thicker. Personally, Iv never tried it.Its a very pigmented formula so if you are not careful, it can be a little messy while its still wet on your lashes. Give it some time to dry before you move onto another step in your makeup routine. 

Revlon's Customeyes Mascara in Blackest Black: Let me just start off by saying..DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! You don't even have to wait your time reading the rest of its review. With a twisting cap allowing you to select between to lash looks, Length & drama and Length & definition, you would think you got the best of both worlds! When I first applied it I was so excited because it really does gibe you drama and length. Once it dries, its down hill from their. It not only leaves you lashes ultra crunchy, but it also flakes every time you touch your lashes. 

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
There are some mixed reviews on this mascara. You either love it or hate it.The brush is huge which some people find to be difficult to use but I like it, I feel like it gives me more volume. It glides on smooth and clumps very little.It does give you volume and length but it doesn't hold curl very well. I like to layer it to get a dramatic look. It does get flaky and crunchy mid day but, I have only tried the regular formula, not the waterproof.


Almay One Coat Dial Up
Another gimmiqy product! Seems like there are a million of them now a days.This isnt a bad product, it just doesnt deliver the 3 different levels of lash looks like it suggests. It didnt flake or smudge but it also didnt hold any curl. The brisstles on the brush are so thin, I feel like it doesnt even seperate my lashes or do anything for them. I dont hate this mascara but I wouldnt repurchase it.

L'Oreal Lash Serum
Ok, so this one isn't exactly a mascara but, I figured you would like a review anyways. Let me start off by saying my lashes aren't HUGE, but they aren't small either. I have pretty normal lashes. Not sparse, doesn't tend to point down like a lot of complaints I here. Just regular ol' lashes. So I didn't notice a huge difference when I used this. You are suppose to apply it a few times a day but, when you do, the serum runs out in a little over a month. I feel like it dried up in the tube. Whenever I did use it. I never applied mascara over top so I would have these little white flaky stringy things on my lashes which I really didn't like! You wanna hear a secret? I heard of girls using this on their scalp to get thicker hair so, I gave it a try. Now, L'Oreal doesn't recommend doing this so please don't try it based on what I'm saying, I'm not a professional! Try it at you own risk. It actually did work but with the consequence of a huge headache a few minutes after applying it. I tried it on a tiny spot need my hairline and although I didn't notice it right away, a few weeks later, I did see the results. The hair is thicker but also grown a little wavier then the rest of my hair. weird!

The Final Blurb
Rimmel's Sexy Curve
Price: about $7
Packaging: B
Lengthening: D-
Volumizing: F
Longevity: C+
Extra: Love the brush! Hate the formula! I only use it as my last layer of mascara to separate my lashes and get out any clumps.
L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

Price: about $8
Packaging: C
Lengthening: B-
Volumizing: A-
Longevity: B-
Extra: Great Volume! Not much clumping. Doest smudge easily when first applied, but once it dries it on there for good.
Revlon Custom eyes
Price: about $9
Packaging: C-
Lengthening: C
Volumizing: C
Longevity: D
Extra: Great whiles its still wet on your lashes but once it dries, you lashes are crispy and flakey
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
Price: about $5
Packaging: B-
Lengthening: B+
Volumizing: B+
Longevity: C-
Extra: Huge brush! Gets flakey by end of day
Almay One Coat Dial Up
Price: about $9
Packaging: B-
Lengthening: C-
Volumizing: D
Longevity: D-
Extra: Small bursh brisstles make it hard to seperate lashes. 3 dial system does not creat different looks
L'Oreal Lash Serum
Price: about $12
Packaging: C-
Lengthening: C
Volumizing: C
Longevity: N/A
Extra: Takes time but it does work

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