What keeps you coming back to a blog?


Beauty Blurbz was created by a makeup lover for other makeup lovers. I'm a late bloomer to makeup but, when I discovered my passion for it a few years ago, I have completely immersed myself in it! I highly appreciate the incredible beauty community on YouTube and other internet outlets for helping and teaching so many of us about beauty and makeup, so I decided to start this blog to help where I can. Many of us cant always afford the high end cosmetics and beauty products sold at out favorite stores so I try to be diverse in the products I choose to use, review, and share with you. I am a self proclaimed bargain hunter and always looking for inexpensive products that deliver the results of higher end products.

I went to school for Interior Design so I am a very visual person, I love art and to me, makeup IS art! I am constantly taking inspiration from things around me and applying it to makeup. I am NOT a professional, just your everyday girl who loves to get all dolled up!

 I am always looking to learn more about beauty so please feel free to leave comments with your blog link and/or email me.