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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Addiction: Lancôme Ô d'Azur Eau de Toilette

Ever been walking down the street and all of a sudden you catch the scent off someone's perfume and you literally stop dead in your tracks and just start sniffing the air trying to see who that captivating scent is coming from?

lol No, Im not crazy lol. In the past few weeks Iv done exactly that about 3 times, with the very same scent!! Every time it happened I was never able to distinguish who it was coming from to ask them what they had on, and honestly if I just walked up to a complete stranger and starting sniffing them I would probably be thrown in a mental institution! Iv never been so drawn to a perfume like I am to this one. I cant even describe the smell, its just one of those scents that make you want to keep sniffing the bottle because you just cant get enough of it! Problem was I had no idea what perfume it was! Last week I was with a friend ant the mall and we were checking out all the products at the makeup counter and she happened to pick up Lancôme's Ô d'Azur and had me try it out. My heart stopped when I took a big whiff and that hypnotizing smell hit my nose lol I had finally found it!! It was fate! I couldnt believe I had randomly found the exact perfume I had been wanting for almost a month! Im completely addicted to this perfume! Next time your at your at the mall, stop by the makeup counter and try it out...you wont regret it!! If you have tried it, what are your thoughts on it??

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