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Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Eco Emi!!!!

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I can not contain my excitement right now!! I should really start doing videos so you can see the huge smile on my face and my excitement as I try to type this blog post!! My first Eco Emi box arrived today!!!!! Whoot Whoot Whoot Whoot! Its been such a long wait! I was on a waiting list for about 2 or 3 weeks then I had to wait until August 22nd for the box to ship out, then 2 days for it to arrive! But it is finally here and I am beyond impressed! Not trying to bash Birchbox, because I luuvs me some Birchbox but, this one Eco Emi box has BLOWN all my birch boxes combined, completely out of the freakin water! I received ELEVEN individual items (8 if you count them as sets)!! Thats a little over $1 for each product, if you include shipping, it would be even less then $1, and the sizes of the products are sooo nice! They are not tiny little samples that you have to use the strength of 5 men to squeeze the little bit f product out of the tube. I'm taking NICE sizes!! Im so impressed and I already cant wait until my next box!
Here I am rambling on about Eco Emi and Im not even sure if you know what it is. If you dont, It a a month subscription service where you pay $15 and they send your a number of organic products once a month. Kinda like a Birchbox, except organic..Whether you are searching for beauty products without harmful chemicals that do not test on animals, clothing made from organic materials or non leather and other animal materials or the ever overwhelming number of food and drink products free of harmful dyes, preservatives, hormones and other bizarre additives, Eco-Emi is designed to be an informative and fun way to try and buy eco friendly products and take charge of what you put on and into your body once and for all. 

Here is what I got in my first Eco Emi box:

Warrior Food Vegan Protein Supplement

Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender w/ Cardamom Lip Balm (Full Size)
* This smelss just like lavender! It is larger then a regular chap stick too! U get so much product! I LOVED how smooth it went on, not one bit sticky. 

Genesis Today Acai Vitamin Super Chews (10 Chews)
* I tried one of these and they are pretty good. Not the best taste in the world but not bad either. 

Eden organic Hojicha Cai and Chamomile Tea (Full Size)

Simply Organic Ranch Dip YUM! (Full Size)

Gabriel Organics Seaweed Shower Gel (Sample Size)

Dr.Haushka Skin Care: Radiant You
Lavender Bath, Facial Toner, Cleansing Creme

So what did you think? Have you gotten your Eco Emi box yet??


  1. I am so jealous! It's seems like i've been on their waiting list forever! I just sent them a message to double check I'm still on the list. I got the bonus box and there were so many things. We'll have to do a skype so we can chat about it. I think you should do a video for both the eco-emi and the birch box. I would love to see that, plus more reviews of the products.

  2. lol Dont be jelly! You will get yours soon! I felt like that too, when u least expect it you will see their email in tour box. I need to get a good camera if I want to make videos which I havent decided yet. I'll put up a review as soon as I can.

  3. Yup I did and my box was just like yours. The Acai Vitamin chews are NASTY (imo). The protein powder didn't have a taste, which is good. LOVE the lip balm. As for the rest, I can't wait to try.

    I'm impressed with what was in the box but not so much on Eco-Emi's billing - my billing dates are on the 11th of each month which means I'll be paying over a month ahead. I paid July 11th for August box (which came yesterday, August 24) and already paid for September's box on August 11. I'll end up paying for October before getting September's box. So that's my biggest gripe with Eco-Emi.

  4. ooh how exciting! I've heard a lot of good things about the Eco Emi boxes =) I like how they include food items!

  5. @Zadidoll lol yea they weren't the best tasting chews in the world. I dont think i was expecting that taste at all. I popped one in my mouth like it was going to take like candy and i stopped chewing half way. It sucks cause Acai is SOOOO good and so good for you. Their billing is weird like that, i thought the same thing and went on their website and they explain it there.

    @Melaine Its my first box and im hooked! U should so get one!! I'v convinced 3 of my friends to get one. If you are thinking about it, you should get on the waiting list while you decide. Atleast that way by the time you get notification that the waiting list is open you will be able to get it if you decide to. I have friends who have been on the waiting list for weeks now.