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Thursday, August 25, 2011

O.P.I Shatter.....B.I.G disappointment

I'm the first to admit, when I heard about the new O.P.I Shatter Nail Polish, I was so fascinated and excited for its big launch. Im not a huge nail polish person but, for this one, I was counting down the days until it hit store shelves. When I finally got it and used it, I had some mixed reviews.

First Impression: The first thing I noticed is that the top was VERY difficult to unscrew. I almost lost a tooth trying to unscrew it! lol The consistency of the liquid is very thick and a little difficult to get a nice even coat. Also, the brush is larger then a typical nail polish brush, so it makes it difficult to get into the corners of your nail bed. Luckily the final looks camouflages all the unevenness and imperfections. I was pleased with the final look and used it 2 more times after my first use.

A week ago: I was having a "bad nail day" and decided to use the Shatter to camouflage the broken nail I had but when I tried to use my O.P.I Shatter Nail Polish I became furious to find out it had completely dried out. Did I pay $10 for a nail polish I only got 3 uses out of? Yep...i did! The brush was hard as a rock and all the liquid inside the bottle was hard. 

Final Blurb: I HIGHLY do not recommend anyone purchase this product unless you like wasting your money.  "A" for effort but a big "F" for performance. 

I did my very best to try to capture the problem in these pictures. 

 What is your opinion on this product? Have you tried the Sally Hansen Crackle? Is so, did you have the same problem?

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