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Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Broadway Nails Nail Dress

While strolling through the beauty isle at my local drugstore I came across the Nail Dress by Broadway Nails. It was half the price on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips so I decided to give them a go. At the store I went to they only had the polka dots and metallic finishes so I chose to go with the metallic. 


First Impression: The first thing I noticed is that unlike the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips which are exactly what they are called...real nail polish strips,  these were stickers. Each box contains 24 stickers in different sizes and a double sided nail file. One side is to smooth out the surface of your sticker once it has been applied to your nail and the other side is to file and shape your nail.

Application 1 (with a clear top coat):  The application process was pretty easy. there were plenty of sizes to choose from so it will fit most if not all nail bed shapes.  Just peel, apply to your nail, smooth out and file the ends to cut away the remaining sticker. I applied a clear top coat in hopes that my beautiful new metallic manicure would last longer but, as soon as the top coat started to dry, I noticed the sticker  was wrinkled as if it had shrunk. It looked horrible but at that point there was not much I could do. By the end of the next day the stickers were already lifting up off my nail. By the following day 1 or 2 of them were practically falling off my nail.
Application 2 (without top coat): Since I had so many stickers leftover I decided to try them again, this time without the topcoat. They looked great without the topcoat but by the end of the next day they looked just as bad as they did the first time. The metallic line details were rubbing off and they were peeling off my nail. They don't seem to be very water resistant, with our without the topcoat. 

Removal: Removing the stickers was super easy considering most of them were falling off already. There were a few that remained pretty well adhered to the nail and all I had to do was grab an end and peel it right off. Some of the stickers I peeled off left a film of glue on my nail but came right off with a little rubbing.

The Verdict: I will definitely NOT be repurchasing this product!!! 

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