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Monday, July 11, 2011

Grail or Fail: The Beauty Blender

How is this possible? Am I really the only beauty bum who doesn't get the hype over this pink sponge? After seeing all the raving reviews on YouTube by my fav gurus and the cult following behind this one product, I decided to give it a go. I figured this would be a major staple in my makeup collection so I decided to get the twin pack, how could I go wrong....right?

After what seemed like forever I finally got a glimpse of a little box on my door step and ripping the box it was shipped in to shreds with so much excitement, I finally had my Beauty Blender! So convinced that this would change my makeup application forever I ran to the bathroom and removed all my makeup that very second so I could test this bad boy out.....like and makeup addict would lol. After just a few seconds of applying my foundation I could see the splotchiness on my face. I followed the directions it came with to the T but I could not get a smooth, even, "airbrushed" look! Regardless of the terrible results I got the first time, Iv been using my BB every morning hoping I could figure out a way to make it work but sadly Iv come to the conclusion that this product is a FAIL!
Cute color/packaging. I like that it comes with a little "drying rack"
The unique shape reached harder to reach area
Leaves my skin looking uneven
Using water reacts funny with my foundation.
A bit expensive for a sponge
Stains regardless of cleaning it after evey use

Could I really be the only one who doesnt give this product a 10? Am I using it wornf? Anyone have any tips or tricks I could benefit from? Leave me a comment!

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