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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trend Alert: Glitter

A HUGE trend I saw a lot at IMATS this year was GLITTER! Glitter eyeshadow and Glitter eyeliner on both top and bottom waterlines. Whether it is day or night, these gorgeous and fun glitter looks can be made to fit any occasion! 

Spring is here and bright colors are in the forecast! For a fun daytime look, go with bright colors and pastels. Start with a neutral eye and add pops of colors on the lower or top lash line or you can also try putting a thin line of glitter right about your winged eyeliner. Afraid of color? Not to worry! Try using a copper toned glitter, it will still give you the sparkling effect without the bright color.

Night-time glitter looks call for jewel toned or darker colors, much like a smokey eye. The great benefit of glitter is, even though the colors are dark, your eyes still pop! For a dramatic night look, apply a navy, gray or black with hints of silver or gold.

When done right, any color you choose to use with look gorgeous but if you really want your eyes to pop, try using your eye color's complementary color, in other words, the color across from your eye color on the color wheel. 

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