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Monday, August 15, 2011

Zoya and Nº7 Swatches

I'm lovin the Zoya polish In Pandora I got in my August BirchBox! Its a gorgeous pinky taupe nude( does that make sense lol), and its pretty opaque. The picture shows 2 coats but even with one coat it was opaque. 

I stopped by target before work and I saw this Nº7 lipstick that was on clearance for $2.48! The original price was $9.99. What a great deal!  I LOOOOOVE this lipstick! Its like a baby pink that is almost florescent. GOR-JUS! They glide on so smoothly, almost like c chap-stick. Although they dont last very long on your lips, Im pretty sure Im going to be wearing this shade for the next few days. I wish there were more colors for sale! 


  1. I love Boots! I use their products pretty religiously. Them an e.l.f. FTW!

    Check me out: http://bbyvcs.blogspot.com/

  2. It's the first Boots product I used. I head their makeup remover wipes are great. What products do u recommend?