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Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 1 Diet FAIL

Ok so it wasn't the most successful week of dieting lol. Between job hunting and hurricane Irene, I really lost focus this week. I did have days where I made great meal choices, then there were days where my lack of preparation had me eating junk. Not to mention the 2 days locked inside because of the hurricane spent just eating...alll day long!  Now that its out of my system, I can get back on track. Lets be honest, I know there will always be days where I eat a burger instead of a salad, the important thing is to get right back on track and not just consider your diet "ruined" because of that burger, slice of pizza or that cookie you couldn't resist. Here are a few easy healthy meal ideas I tried this week and some of the not so healthy ones. 

Healthy meals and snacks

The day I ate this salad I was craving a slice of pizza SOOOOOO badly! I was strong enough to overcome the temptation and had this salad instead. And you know what, it was delicious! I was so glad I had the salad and not the pizza. I still have to get my brained used to the fact that healthy food can taste just as good as junk food. I started off with just iceberg lettuce with extra virgin olive oil seasoned with a tiny bit of salt and pepper. I added 1 chopped up hard boiled egg for some protein and began eating. Then I remembered I had a tub full of roasted soy nuts and decided to add a little to the salad for that extra crunch factor. O-M-G it was amazing!  This is such an easy meal to make! filling and delicious! You can even add chicken and tomatoes.  Healthy doesn't have to be boring! 
This meal here was a new for me. Other then losing weight, I also want to be healthier. Being healthy doesn't just mean eating less and eating only veggies. Believe it or not, most of the veggies you are eating are genetically altered and are treated with pesticide. Organic eating is something I'm new to and have tons to learn about but I am more then willing to learn and change. I went to whole foods and picked up tons of things I have never tried before. Organic whole wheat spinach raviolis and Tofurkey (Turkey tasting tofu) was the first organic meals I made. I boiled the ravioli, heated up the Tofurkey in a pan. While the raviolis were draining, I heated up a pan with chopped garlic and added olive oil. Once the garlic has a little color I added in the raviolis and tofurkey and added some parmesan cheese. The raviolis were very yummy! You could taste that they were organic right away. They almost tasted earthy...does that make sense? lol Now the tofurkey on the other hand lol not for me! The first few bites weren't bad but by the last few I couldn't handle the taste anymore. They have such a strong smell and honestly, it was making me nauseous. Thats what trying new things are about though, trial and error! 

I love these organic granola bard from Nature's Path! They make for a great snack and a little reward for working out. Yes, I totally bribe myself ! Whatever works right? lol 

Here are a few other healthy meal and snack ideas I tried this week:

  • By far my favorite snack is frozen strawberries! You can get a bag of these from the frozen food isle. They are perfect to make smoothies or even just put a few in a bowl and much on them. Since they are frozen, they take a while for you to eat which gives your stomach time to send the "Im satisfied' signal to your brain. 
  • Soy nuts- I keep these in a zip lock bag in my purse, whenever Im getting hungry i'll snack on a handful of these to hold me over till my next meal. You cant let yourself get to hungry or you will pig out at your next meal. I also loved these on my salad!
  • For breakfast, I've been having wheat Thomas' Bagel Thins which are only 100 calories with light cream cheese and sliced tomatoes. So yummy!
Remember, one of the most important things to do while you are on a diet is be prepared! If you already know what you are eating and have everything at home, you are less likely to do a drive thru drive by. What I like to do is have all my salad indigents already washed and chopped up so that I can made my salad quickly. 

Not so healthy meals and snacks 

Big FAIL! lol 

What are your favorite healthy snack ideas?


  1. I eat greek yogurt almost everyday...love it! Roasted chickpeas are also a really great healthy snack :)

    <3 Melanie@ http://beauty.adorability.org

  2. lol that mcdonald's picture just makes me want to puke haha. How about I ate some non-organic this week. talk about feeling horrible!!! never again haha..