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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene is almost HERE!

Here we go again! I moved from South Florida to NY and now Im going to get hit by a hurricane here?? Growing up in SoFL, preparing for a hurricane is second nature. I just didn't expect to have to prepare for one here lol. The storm is suppose to hit NYC as a category 1 on late Saturday/early Sunday and stick around till late Sunday. Being my first hurricane here in NY I am a little worried about the structure of the house. I know in FL, houses and building are built to withstand hurricane force winds, but here in NY, I have no idea!! Iv been through 2 MAJOR hurricanes including Katrina and Andrew along with a tons of smaller ones. But I heard here the worry isn't wind, its rain! They say everything is going to flood!! In 20 minutes (12PM) public transportation in the city will be shut down, thats the first time in history that NY subways have been shut down due to weather conditions. If that wasn't enough to make me worry, President Obama's comment "This is going to be a historical hurricane", has really sent me into panic mode. But I'm trying to stay calm. I got my water, food and batteries along with some drinks and a game. I have room mates so we will all be having a hurricane party to pass the time. I might not be blogging for a few days if we have any power outages so Im going to try to get out what I can today. Hope my east coast neighbors are ok and I pray for everyones safety! 

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