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Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Favorites and Reviews!!

Hey guys! For a few months now I have been trying to cut back on purchasing any new products and work on using up the TONS of product I have at home.  Im so proud of myself for sticking to my guns and I love the feeling of finally throwing out an empty container of  something that I have had for months and never touched. So that means this month's favorites dont include any of those new fancy products that just came out...sowwy!

Chloe Perfume
Review: After a looong search for my new scent, I finally came across this little adorable bottle! I am in love with this perfume!! Im so careful with how much I use because I want it to last!  Its a very subtle light scent, nothing overpowering that you can smell from a mile away. If you are  into soft feminine scents then this is one you should try.

Maybwlline Baby Lips
Review: Fun packaging, yummy scent, and smoooth lips.....nuff said! 

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Eye Pencil in Deep Black
Review: Some people have sensitive skin, well I have EXTREMELY sensitive eyes!! For years I have struggled to find an eyeliner that doesn't irritate my eyes, red eyeballs.....not a cute look. This product allows me to have the dark sexy eyeliner minus the red and watery eyes. Its texture is super creamy and literally glides on with ease. Its not a waterproof product but I would give its lasting power a 3 out of 5. Best of all I purchased it for 75% off at CVS.....SCORE!

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
Review: You want to have beautifully smooth and sexy lips first thing in the morning? Apply some of this stuff at bedtime and you will wake up to juicy moisturized lips. Living in NY with the cold weather and home heating, this is the only thing that has worked to keep my lips smooth.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap
Review: I first saw this product on Kandee Johnson's youtube channel and was tempted to try it for myself. At Target they had a jumbo size bottle and a tiny 2 fl oz bottle and to be honest, the 2oz bottle will last you for the rest of your life!! A few drops of this stuff goes a long way. This is probably the best brush cleaner I have ever used and got my Beauty Blender looking brand new and for for the price of $3 it is now a staple in my beauty stash. 

Review: Once you check this site out for yourself, you wont need me to tell you how absolutely amazing this it is! If you arent ready for a full blown addiction then dont click HERE! Anything from makeup and interior design to cooking and fashion. Its all there in one place.

(Months Most Valuable Product) 
Review: I've got to say, this product completely took me by surprise! I received this little miracle bottle in my Birchbox a month or two ago and I am completely sold!! It is a protein spray that strengthens, conditions and protects your hair from heat damage and can be used on damp or dry hair. With my busy schedule and long work days, its nice to have a product that can cut my getting ready time in half and help me achieve a fresh blowout look without the hassle of blowing out my hair every morning. All you do is spray your day old blowout and use your hair drier or any hot tool to reshape or restyle your hair. It has the affect of a hairspray so when you first spray it on your hair and apply heat it will feel slightly sticky but within seconds you will have a nice hold with no sticky, stiff hair. I don't know how they do it but man this stuff works and has quickly become my MVP. 


  1. Welcome back. Can't wait to see what else you got for us.

  2. Hey, my face is driving me crazy lately. Majorly need a spot treatment for zapping zits. Any recommendations?

  3. Thais,
    I think I have tried 2 that actually worked for me. One is the popular Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It costs $17 for a 1oz bottle but a little goes a long way. Keep your eyes peeled because Iv seen it on sale on Hautelook a few times, which is where I purchased it from. The other is the Proactive Refining mask. Nothing I have ever tried does what Proactiv does for my skin, it litterally transformed my skin within a few days. I have heard some mixed reviews on it so I guess it depends on your skin type.

  4. I found you on beautylish, following you :)

    Hope you can follow me back <3