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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Royal Affair!

The set I ordered includes:
- Chisel powder brush
- Chisel blush brush
- Oval shadow brush
- Oval fluff brush
- Oval concealer brush

After weeks of waiting, my Crown Brushes are finally hereee!!! I was so happy to see the little blue Hautelook package waiting for me when I got home!  I will be doing a complete review once I really get to use these brushes so, for now I will tell you about my first impression.

The brushes come in a black leather brush roll sealed in a plastic bag for protection during shipping. It also includes your receipt and a Hautelook post card about their fabulous getaways.  
* The hearts are there to cover my address =0)

Inside the brush roll, all the brushes come in a protective plastic sleeve, two of the larger brushes come with one of those plastic bristle protectors. 
the very first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the smell of platic/leather . I love that smell of new plastic! Is that weird? lol 

Once i removed the brushes from the plastic sleeves, the second thing I noticed was that the brushes did not have a stainless steel handle like I thought it did. In the pictures online, they looked stainless steel!! They are actually wood handles painted silver. I guess I should have read the description a little more carefully. At first glance I was not impressed with the quality of the handles. 

They were spray painted silver and had wood chipping at the seams. I havent used them to apply makeup so I am not talking about the quality as it relates to applying makeup, just how the products looks. The bristles are very soft but, just from feeling them to test the quality, I already saw shedding. The black brush roll is soft and flexible, it has a few loose stiches but other then that it looks like it is very sturdy and well made. It has 2 velcro strips to keep the roll closed.  I also realized it didnt come with a foundation brush, again I should of read the description more carefully when I purchased them. I was just so excited to get a deal on these that I didn't even research or pay any attention to the facts lol. 

The Final Blurb
My first impression of these brushes were not very good. If I would have seen them at a store in person before I purchased them, I probably would not have gotten them. Fingers crossed they apply makeup better then they look! 
Pros: I got a good deal, they are cute, great brush roll
Cons: at first glance they dont look impressive, wood chipping at seams of handles, no foundation brush

* I am not trying to bash Crown Brushes in any way. I have seen tons and tons of great reviews and am very optimistic that I will love using them. Like I said before, this review is only based on what they look like. This set is originally $75 but I got them on Hautelook for about $36 with tax and shipping. They are a not cheap brushes which is why i expected the very best quality in appearance and performance . I will always gibe my honest opinion on this blog in order for my readers to get a better idea of a product before spending their own money. 

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