What keeps you coming back to a blog?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Very First Giveaway!

Hey girls! Ok so I'v been trying to decide what to do for my very first giveaway but I just cant put it off any longer! I have a few random products I'll be giving away. I was originally going to give away just Salma Hayek's Nuance Eye Quad but, I decided to add a few more goodies. I know its not much but, this is just the beginning! I love participating in giveaways so I was so excited to be doing one myself. I will be doing TONS of these so stay tuned! 

How to Enter...It's EASY!
º You MUST be 18 or older OR have Parental permission to enter .
º Follow my blog, this blog using the GFC.
º This is the MOST important part! Leave a comment on this blog post answering AT LEAST ONE of the following questions. Make sure to include your GFC name.
1. What makes you keep coming back to a blog over and over again? 
2. What do you like reading about and seeing on other blogs?
3. What characteristics does a blog have to have in order for you to subscribe? 
**Please answer these questions honestly. I really want to have a blog that people enjoy reading and learn from. I want to know what YOU like! I dont want to be one of those blogs that just accumulates subbies and has nothing interesting to read about. Help me help you lol **
For Extra Entries
º Follow my twitter. Click HERE to follow. (1 Extra Entry) 
º Post my giveaway on your Twitter. Copy & Paste: Beauty Blurbz is having her very FIRST giveaway! Check it out at www.beautyblurbz.blogspot.com (2 Extra Entires, Make sure to leave a comment on this blog post with the day you posted it on twitter)
º Posy my giveaway on your blog (3 Extra Entries, Make sure to leave a comment on this blog post with the link to your blog post) 

The winner will be selected randomly on Random.org on August 31st at midnight. 
Good luck!  

Giveaway Includes 

Salma Hayek Nuance Eye Quad in Neutral 080

Sonia Kashuk Angled Contour Brush

Maybelline Mineral Powder Illuminator in Pink

Maybelline Express Finish in Berry Boucle 250
Revlon Top Speed in Electric 305

º7 Mineral Lipstick in Summer Rose

º7 Eyeshadow in Storm

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer 084

The winner will be selected randomly on Random.org on August 31st at midnight . 
Good luck!  


  1. Lets see I keep coming back because you are the cutest. ha ha No really I like your reviews. I love love love hauls. OMG It's like living vicariously through others when I can't afford to shop. I also like lots of pictures. I'm super visual so don't skimp on that. To keep me subscribed I need constant updates. I'm not talking about every day but at least twice a week.
    I love that Sonia Blush brush I just saw it on someone else's haul.

  2. My answer is a bit of a mash-up for questions two and three. What I want to see on a blog are good reviews, hauls, and tutorials. I don't want a; "hey I bought this today" with a picture and that is your review. Also spelling and punctuation are major factors in me staying subscribed. If I have to mentally correct your writing more than like 5% of the time as I'm reading it I will not subscribe to a blog. I like what I've seen on your site so far. Keep it up.

  3. GREAT answers! Very helpful! Make sure your subscribed in order to win!

  4. Hey Carol! here I am leaving a comment. I like knowing how well stuff works lol more like reviews. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE learning about cheap products that work really well that no one seems to know about hahhahaha those are the best!!! like I bought from avon nail polish and they are super cheap but they work SOO WELL!!! you should totally get some!

    anyway I dont want to enter in the giveaway because I already have a huge box full of make up that I dont always use and I would rather it bless someone else who doesn't have as much as I do. Since I have an abundance of make up lol so please do not give it to me. If you do I will give it away to someone else lol unless it's the brush I need more brushes hahahaha. are your crown brushes synthetic?

    anyway love you!

  5. #2/#3. The blog has to have content that I am interested in (like good product reviews, hauls, or tips that the blogger might have) and it has to be updated fairly regularly. I also love blogs that have a nice design and that are easy to read from and comment on!

    GFC: Marshmelly
    Twitter: Marshmelly
    Tweeted on 8/24: http://twitter.com/#!/Marshmelly/status/106421638731538432
    Blogged: http://beauty.adorability.org/?p=966
    Email: marshmelly411@gmail.com

    Really great giveaway! Thank you for having it! :)

  6. GFC; Nikki V
    Twitter: naturalbeautyNV
    Blog: http://naturalbeauty26.blogspot.com/
    Email: naturalbeauty26.nikki@gmail.com

    I love reading blogs that are written by a person with aq good writing personality. I love happy cheery, personal blogs. i love reading reviews but I personality along with facts.

    I followed you on twitter and retweeted the tweet.
    I also did a post on my blog about your contest!!

    FYI I currently have a contest going on as well!!

  7. i keep coming back because i LOVE your reviews! Your blogs are also so happy and cheerfull! You blog with style.

  8. GFC: Comme3pommes
    email: ohhhcomme3pommes@gmail.com
    Twitter: MinxHatesYou
    2. What do you like reading about and seeing on other blogs?
    I like REVIEWS the most :)

  9. GFC follower: Gia_Pet
    Email: g_Patton@hotmail.com
    Twitter follower: @giapett

    I think I'll end up answering all three. I am drawn to certain blogs because of presentation - the layout, graphics, pictures are appealing and match my beauty/fashion style. I, myself, prefer a clean but fun 'girly' feel. I look for reviews on new products (since I just don't have the time like I used to to browse the makeup counters or drugstores) and new uses for old products that have been sitting unused in my drawers. I love hearing about and seeing pictures of hauls, too! What I most like to see are looks recreated with less expensive drugstore brands. And what makes me subscribe, to be honest, are giveaways (otherwise, I'm a lurker)! ;)

  10. @Gia, great answer!! Winner will be up by the end of the day!!