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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My ELF Collection and Mini Reviews Part 1:Face Brushes

When I was first really getting into makeup, I wasn't ready to drop big bucks on the popular, expensive brands of makeup I saw all the beauty gurus on YouTube using. Being a self proclaimed bargain hunter, I had to find an alternative! And I did! Eyes Lips Face is a cosmetics company that  specializes in affordable, high quality products with the sleekest packaging amongst the "drugstore" brands. They have a HUGE range of products within the 2 lines they offer. They have makeup brushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadow quads for $1, and NARS like packaged blushes for $3! They are always adding new products to their already large selection and ALWAYS having great sales with sometimes up to 50% discounts. Check out there website HERE to signup for their email list that will keep you updated on all their special offers and sales and to check out all their amazing products. 

Here is a look at my growing collection of ELF products. Im just waiting for them to announce another sale so I can stock up on more goodies!

Sorry for the horrible lighting!

Large Brush Holder
$15 Click HERE to buy
Pros: Fits tons of brushes,dividers to organize brushes, sleek design
Cons: Rubbery matte black finish does not wipe clean easily, relatively expensive 
DUPE ALERT: I saw one just like this at Walmart for $6! 

Face Brushes
Click HERE to buy Studio  Face Brushes
Click HERE to buy Essentials Face Brushes
1.Studio powder Brush $3: I've seen a ton of girls rave about using this brush to apply foundation. I honestly don't get much use out of it. Click HERE to buy.
2. Studio Stipple Brush $3: I use this brush to apply cream blushes and my Cover FX Radiant FX Bronzer. It applies the perfect amount and blends it perfectly. Click HERE to buy.
3. Studio Complexion Blush $3: I use to apply finishing powder or blend in bronzer/blush. Click HERE to buy.
4. Studio Angled Foundation Brush $3: Not that its a bad brush, because its not but, I dont get much use out of this one either. I used to use it to apply my foundation in harder to reach areas like under the eyes, and then used another brush to blend. Click HERE to buy.
5. Studio Blush Brush $3: Great for applying blush (duh lol) and highlighter. Click HERE to buy.
Studio Kabuki Brush $5: I probably use this every single time I apply any face makeup! Its the perfect tool to bled your finished look and/or apply a finishing powder. The bristles aren't dense so its doesn't apply to much product which could make you you cakey. Click HERE to buy.
All the Studio line brushes I have tried are amazing for their price point! All of them, other then the kabuki brush, are only $3! They are very soft on your skin, I've never had a problem with any of the bristles shedding, and they are very well made. In 1 year of owning them, the only brush that is a little wiggly at the seam is my flat top Powder Brush, #1.

1.Essentials Fan Brush $1: It isn't the softest of brushes but it gets the job done. I use it to lightly apply powder or highlighter. Click HERE to buy.
2.Essentials Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush: Again, so not the softest brush! If you are using a very pigmented blush or bronzer, I wouldn't recommend using this brush. The bristles arent that soft , which makes the brush pick up to much product. Click HERE to Buy.
3. Essentials Foundation Brush $1: I dont love this brush. I tried a few times to apply my foundation with it but it gives me such a streaky finish! No bueno! Would not recommend it. Click HERE to buy.

The Essentials line of face brushes are not my favorite but they still get the job done. I you are looking for  low cost high quality brush, you should definitely spend a little more and get the Studio brushes, at least for face brushes. the eyeshadow brushes from the essential line are amazing! I'll get more into those in my ELF Collection and Mini Reviews Part 2.

What is your favorite ELF product? 

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