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Monday, August 8, 2011

Maybeline Limited Edition Pop Stick

Hey guys! So I was at my local drugstore and look what I found! Maybeline just came out with these Limited Edition ShineSentational Pop Sticks. The slogan says " A hint of bright tint meets ultra-slick sensational shine". The coolest part about these is that the the actual product is transparent! I dont think I have ever seen anything like this before! The idea behind these is that they will give your lips a hint of color as if you had just eaten a popsicle. When I swatched them on my had not much color showed but I think when you apply them to your lips they will work with the natural pigment of your lips. I wasn't able to get these when I saw them because the checkout lines were huge and I was in a hurry but, I am going back as soon as I can to get them. I hope they arent all sold out! They come in 4 shades (Pink Lollipop, Raspberry Ice, Citrus Slice and Fruit Punch)  shown below.

100 Pink Lolllipop

110 Raspberry Ice
120 Citrus Slice
130 Fruit Punch

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